Why is Geospatial data important?


The use of Geospatial data is continuing to expand into new industry segments as access to technology becomes easier. Companies are realizing that the correlation between core business processes (i.e. customer management, internal analytics, sales) and where these activities are taking place is extremely helpful in determining the impact of each, therefore providing them key insight on how to improve them and/or make them more cost effective.


How can Geospatial data help me?


Geospatial data can provide insight into a number of different aspects of your organization. We have companies using our datasets in a number of ways, including:

  • Media Companies use our data in their mobile apps to understand customer usage patterns for mobile marketing campaigns,
  • Emergency Service agencies using our up-to-date address information because Google Maps is just not current enough,
  • Regional Governments using our postal code data to map community service usage to help determine if services should be expanded or relocated


You know there is something called “open data” now? Do you work with open data?


We love open data. The availability of open data has helped enable many organizations to enhance their own data and improve their access to information. Open data is extremely useful (where available) for an initial view of location information and allow organizations to bridge the gap between static data, and location-enabled data.

A number of the dataset we provide either go into more detail than open data allows for or cover a geographic area that open data does not cover. We put great time and effort into maintaining our data and work with those organizations that require this level of detail.


This type of Service sounds expense.


It’s not! Give us a call and we’ll work with you to find a solution that fits both your timing and budget needs.