Cadastral Property Parcel Data

Cadastral Property Parcel Data


Cadastral Property Parcel Data – Coverage: Worldwide


Our Cadastral Property Parcel Data service offers valuable information on property parcels, providing accurate and detailed polygon representations of property lines and boundaries. This comprehensive database enables businesses and organizations to access essential data for various purposes.


Cadastral Property Parcel Data – Alternate Terms And Phrases


Unfortunately, there is no uniform term for “Cadastral Property Parcel Data” within the geospatial products industry. Therefore, there are several varying phrases, which can all be used interchangeably, but essentially all mean the exact same thing.


These multiple phrases sometimes cause confusion for organizations, suppliers, project managers and so forth, as some individuals get lost in translation when communicating with their respective teams due to semantics.


In an effort to help clear up some of the confusion, we’ve outlined the most popular phrases below which can all be used seamlessly with Cadastral Property Parcel Data:


Property or Land Cadastral Polygons


A popular term for individuals who have some experience in digital mapping and geospatial data. 


Property or Land Cadastral Boundaries


Most internet searchers looking for the boundary lines of a particular property, or several properties, will most likely use a variation of this search phrase, however they too are parcel boundaries.


Property or Land Cadastral Parcels


Often confused with a ‘lot’ (yes, they are different!), property parcels are polygons representations outlining the extents of property lines. Parcels of land are useful tools for performing area calculations on properties, determining distance calculations to corporate assets, and as a useful tool for site selection projects.


Land Parcels Polygons


Sometimes instead of interchanging polygon with boundary or parcel, individuals use the word land instead of property, which isn’t too different, but can still pose a small problem when communicating between departments or suppliers.


Land Survey Polygons


Another popular term is land survey polygon. Since before digital mapping was available, most individuals would request a land survey to find property lines and boundaries. Also called land survey information.




Why Choose Aeroview Technologies

Cadastral Property Parcel Data Solutions



No matter by which name you call it, Aeroview Technologies can help you with your property boundaries needs and property assessment needs.


Our custom Property Parcel dataset are polygon representations of property boundaries. These are created in-house using numerous techniques for accurately estimating the property extents in coordination to our address point dataset. We offer the Ontario parcel, parcels across Canada and worldwide parcels.


Property Boundaries cover all property types including residential, commercial, industrial, public, parks, and agricultural lands. These boundaries can assist with everything from marketing, to planning to real estate and everything in between.


A land parcel or cadastral parcel is defined as “a continuous area, or more appropriately volume, that is identified by a unique set of homogeneous property rights” (Peter Dale and John McLaughlin (2000), Land Administration, Oxford University Press, 186 pages.) More research can be found here.


Since our Property Parcel dataset is a estimate of property lines, many of the headaches with existing datasets are removed as usage rights, cost, and license terms are removed to enable you to access high-quality parcel data at a fraction of the cost.


Many of our clients use our parcel data to track customer profiles such as account history or asset tracking as well as providing a framework for a consistent building block for all related customer engagement activities.


Parcels are also a useful tool for performing area calculations on properties, determining distance calculations to corporate assets, and as a useful tool for site selection projects.


Our mapping data and parcel maps are available in various formats including Cadastral Shapefile and Cadastral KML.


Note: If the type of data you’re looking for doesn’t fit the criteria above, you may be looking for a different product altogether. We offer a multitude of digital mapping services and location-based services including:


Address Points

Land Use Poalygons


Business Data And Points Of Interest

Postal Code Polygons

And more.


If you need assistance with regards to Cadastral Property Parcel Data, or any other digital mapping products/service, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help you.


Cadastral Property Parcel Data