Address Points

Coverage: Worldwide


The Address Points database represent X/Y or GPS locations or addresses that have been assigned to buildings and/or properties by each respective local municipality. Address information is prevalent throughout most major corporate information systems and are critical in identifying where key business activities take place including customers location, service availability, routing, new developments, and much more.


Our Civic Address Points are used within different industry groups, with examples including:


  • Utility: Map new customers (new subdivisions and business units)
  • Emergency Services: Routing first responders using accurate premise locations
  • Oil & Gas: Identify and notify homeowners of infrastructure maintenance
  • Insurance: Location and property verification
  • Delivery Services: Customer Locations and Delivery Drop-Off/Pick-Up Points
  • Retail: Location Planning & Analytics
  • Telecommunication: Customer and Asset Mapping
  • Agriculture: Premises Identification and Analytics
  • Municipal: Civic Address Validation and Consolidation


The Address Points database covers all urban and rural addresses and are maintained regularly to include new development, changes in street numbers and street names (i.e. amalgamation).


Civic Address maps can be used to identify existing and new customers, standardize existing address databases, visualization of location information, geocoding, emergency response, routing, and more.


Our data is available in various formats including Address Points Shapefile and Address Points KML.